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Wow, you guys are retarted.

2007-08-14 19:05:36 by Darkminno

Just recently I has infored by my friend that a bunch of idiots were puttng stupid comments in my first journal entry. I go to check it out an it turns out, a bunch of people are actually taking time out of their day to post in a 12 yo's profile. Why?
1.Why were you in my profile? I've never made any flash, or audio, I'm just here to watch and play.
2.Why do you care? If I'm 12, then why are you talking to me?
3.Why do you tink I'm gay?I'm not gay I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.
On a second note, I'm happy to see someone had the balls to stand up to a bunch of idiots. Thank you goor sir, you deserve a cookie! and in response to the "go 2 bedd" comment, I DON'T HAVE A BEDTIME JERKOFF. And last but not least, I was on summer vacation when I wrote that. No school jackass.


2007-08-04 13:16:27 by Darkminno

I finally got an NG account! I've loved this website for too long to not have one! I'm a big fan of flash movies, and I'm tired of all the mainstream anime-rippoff cartoons on TV. So I come here to watch some decent animation. 50% of the stuff on NG is better than Cartoon Network, or whatever the hell they call it, and Nickelodean (or is it Nicktoons Network?) combined. What's up with all the shitty rippoff anime? They need to start Dubbing or Subbing a few more of the 10,000 anime shows they have running in Japan. SERIOSLY! I'm done here, YAY NG!!!
P.S. W00T for the redesign. I'e neen playing this 3D Browser FPS called Phosfor-Beta. It's pretty great, I think it runs on shockwave... Here's a picture of my guy after triumphing in a high-difficulty bot match: